Aidan Skinner

Aidan Skinner is a young and talent up in coming blues rock Guitarist from the city of Shreveport, LA. Several years ago in the same city there was a young man by the name of Kenny Wayne Shepherd who came from Shreveport and took the blues world by storm. Aidan is following that same path but doing it in his own way. At only 15 years of age Aidan has developed such an incredible understating of the guitar, from blues to rock he can play it all. This was the second time I’ve talked to Aidan on the show actually back in the spring of 2019. I talked to Aidan then when the show was for a class project in my radio broadcast class at my college (14 years old at the time) and he still had the same understanding and drive to play guitar and he’s continued to improve over time. Mark my words by the year 2025 Aidan Skinner will be a name thrown into categories at events like the Blues Music Awards and much more! Keep your eye open for another Shreveport born axeman! You had Kenny Wayne Shepherd and now you have Aidan Skinner!

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