Neil Carter

Photo by Lou Bilotti

Neil Carter is an English musician who has worked in diverse genres throughout his career. Classically trained, he became a professional rock musician at the age of 17 and initially had his first “mainstream” experience with singer-songwriter Gilbert O’Sullivan. He subsequently played guitar and keyboard for the hard rock band UFO, blues rock guitarist Gary Moore, and Wild Horses. He is credited for co-writing a number of Gary Moore’s songs including the worldwide hit “Empty Rooms”. At 30 he left the rock world and developed a different career as both teacher of woodwind (saxophone and clarinet) and as an ABRSM examiner. 2010 saw an unexpected return to rock with Gary Moore, playing festivals across Europe and a tour of Ukraine and Russia. Future tours and a Celtic rock album were to follow but this was curtailed by the death of Gary Moore in February 2011. 

On 30 April 2019, it was announced that he would return to UFO for their ‘Last Orders’ tour, following the death of Paul Raymond with Neil replacing Paul. The tour began in June 2019 in Germany with concerts and festival appearances. It is expected that following the USA dates in autumn 2019 there will be some concerts in 2020 as a continuation of the bands’ final 50th anniversary tour.

He taught at Brighton College, from January 1993 holding the position of “Head of Woodwind and Brass”. He taught one-on-one lessons on clarinet and saxophone. Neil was the conductor of the school Concert Band, and the school Saxophone Ensemble and led the School’s Swing Band. Neil left Brighton College in June 2014 to move down to his home in Lanzarote. He will continue his work as an examiner for ABRSM.

With UFO

  • 1981 The Wild, the Willing and the Innocent
  • 1982 Mechanix
  • 1983 Making Contact
  • 1983  Headstone – live album

With Wild Horses

  • 1980 Wild Horses

With Gary Moore

  • 1983 Victims of the Future
  • 1984 We Want Moore!
  • 1985 Run for Cover
  • 1987 Wild Frontier
  • 1987 Live at Issstadion Stockholm: Wild Frontier Tour (Live Video VHS)
  • 1989 After the War
  • 2010 Live at Montreux 2010

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