Luke Repass

Luke was born in Chicago and raised in East Tennessee. He is 23 years old and an accomplished and respected  musician throughout the Chicagoland area. He has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with greats such as Carl Weathersby, Linsey Alexander, Mike Wheeler, Toronzo Cannon, Jimmy Johnson, Ric Jaz, and many more.  

Some of the festivals that he has performed at are Chicago Blues Festival, Ed Fest Musical Festival,  Marshall Michigan Blues Fest to name a few. He always leaves the crowd wanting more. 

He received his first guitar at the age of 2 and has not put it down since! He was born for the stage. He is a self-taught guitarist with a unique style that captivates his audiences, large and small!   

Luke  strives to wow audiences every show. Whether a small bar on the south side, an extravagant Blues club on the north side, a quaint restaurant or music festivals throughout the nation, Luke never fails to give his all, along with his band mates.   

His southern mannerisms shine through as he entertains crowds.  Luke takes great pride in his  performances and his band . 

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